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Kayvan is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries. Once, Kayvan explained actuarial science to a room of 27 nine and ten-year-olds using M&M's. Now that's innovation. With Mirai Partners, Kayvan focuses on People Analytics, the most exciting frontier of data science.

Over the past 30 years, Asha has worked & led digital transformation, digital ecosystem mapping and training on  digital systems in education across India, Middle East and South Asia. A former teacher, her work in education spans both the rural and urban landscape.

Global Advisory Board 

Director, Project Zero at Harvard University

Edward P. Clapp is an author, lecturer, & a principal investigator at Project Zero. He is interested in exploring creativity & innovation, design and maker-centered learning, contemporary approaches to arts teaching and learning, and diversity, equity, and inclusion in education. His projects include: Creating Communities of Innovation in Dubai, Creando Communidades de Indigación in Lima, Peru, Agency by Design: Early Childhood in the Making in Hong Kong, & Agency by Design: Making Across the Curriculum in Washington, D.C. 

University Faculty at NYU  

Founder of Global Connections for Women

 Lilian Ore is a Digital Marketing Strategist and Big Data Analytics executive with over 16 years of industry expertise, including several Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies. She was also Linked IN's Top 25 Marketing Professionals in Academia. Lilian is the Founder of the Global Connections for Women Foundation (GC4W), an award-winning not-for-profit organization headquartered in New York City, with a reach of 3.5 million people worldwide. GC4W is the recipient of BEST Manhattan charity for 4 consecutive years including 2018. 

CEO, EFS Facilities Services

In 2009, Tariq joined EFS as a turnaround CEO. Within seven years, he re-built it as a billion-dollar enterprise, despite adverse market conditions. Over the years, he has transformed it from a local company to regional industry powerhouse, working with 10% of the top 1000 global multinationals. He brings three decades of experience in enterprise-building, workforce development, & digital transformation.

President of CoachDiversity

Dr. Burrous is President of CoachDiversity Institute, a best-selling author, trainer, & an ICF professional certified coach (PCC) based in Washington, D.C. Towanna’s mission is to empower diverse communities through executive coaching. Her role is to test, re-test & ultimately drive the organization’s overarching vision, strategy, & tactical direction. 

Director, Project Zero at Harvard University

Marga is the Project Director at Harvard University’s Learning Innovations Laboratory. Her work focuses on learning strategies that help organizations align their development initiatives with their business challenges. Her research interests include understanding what enables individuals to be open to new experiences, learn from them & integrate the new understanding into the way they make sense of and approach their work. 

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Christine Nasserghodsi is a leader in innovation, technology, education, and organizational transformation. Before launching Mirai, Christine served as the Vice President of the Tellal Institute at GEMS Education and Head of Innovation Strategy at GEMS Innovation, Research, and Development.


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Head of Analytics


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Nyla has worked across 4 continents, and 5 countries - Dubai, Mumbai, Rio de Janeiro, New York, and Greece. She has extensive experience providing consultancy for schools, nurseries, education think tanks, ed tech incubators, education policy in business,  Before launching Mirai, she co-founded a growing network of Montessori nurseries in the U.A.E.


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Head of Digital Solutions 

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